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MU Postpones In-Person Fall Semester Commencement Ceremony

Sara Shahriari

The University of Missouri announced last Friday that it will not be holding an in-person fall semester commencement ceremony for graduates.The university will be releasing an in-person ceremony at a different date for all May, August, and December graduates.

The Director of the MU News Bureau Christian Basi said that due to how the university has been handling the virus thus far, it wanted to stick wit

h what is working.

“It would not be up to our standards in terms of creating a safe environment,” Basi said in terms of operating from an indoor venue.

Basi also said since this commencement is held in December, any of their outdoor venues are not adequate. Basi said this ceremony was postponed and not canceled.

Jordyn Bensyl, a strategic communication student graduating in December, said that this decision is hard to cope with.

“I was shocked, although I was not surprised,” Bensyl said.

She recognizes and understands why the university made the decision but is still let down since she has spent four and a half years at MU.

“I appreciate them trying to have a ceremony at some point, but it is still sad and I do not think it is  

the same. Although, it is kind of nice to know that they are thinking of the future,” Bensyl said.