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Global Journalist: From lone wolves to cross-border collaborators

A protest march down a city street led by a group of people carrying a large banner reading "Justicia para Regina Martinez"
Felix Marquez

Once cut-throat competitors, journalists are now more frequently working together — often across borders — to investigate social problems that authorities either can't or won't tackle. 

All too often, these stories involve the murders of reporters. 

Global Journalist talked to founders of several ambitious collaborative journalism efforts about what got them started and how they keep going.


  • Laurent Richard
  • Brant Houston
  • Drew Sullivan
  • Rosental Alves
  • Rana Sabbagh
  • Emmanuel Freudenthal
  • Kiran Maharaj

Host: Matt Schmittdiel


  • Sijan McGinnis
  • Rebecca Zhang
  • Zoe Shedd

Executive producers:

  • Trevor Hook
  • Taylor Freeman
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