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Where's My Stimulus? Boone County Residents Wait As Checks Are Distributed

If you’re sitting at home, staring at your bank account and waiting for your stimulus check, you’re not alone.

“I’ve been checking my bank account constantly all weekend waiting for it, so hopefully it comes in the next week or so,” said Blake Harrison, 55, a Columbia resident and worker for the University Concert Series.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden signed the $1.9 trillion economic relief package, causing millions of Americans to wait over the weekend for the $1,400 payment to deposit in their accounts or be sent via mail.

So, how does it work?

Mary Wilkerson, 59, the senior vice president of marketing at Central Bank of Boone County, put the process in simpler terms. She said the government, specifically the IRS, is sending out electronic files to banks with names and account information of those who are eligible to receive the stimulus.

“Each bank has to make a decision at that point because we don’t have the money, we just have the information, right?” Wilkerson said. “So a lot of banks, like my bank, said, ‘You know what? If the money is going to be there from the government, we’re just going to go ahead and forward this money to people.’”

Central Bank of Boone County received over 14,000 records from the IRS this weekend for people who were eligible to receive the stimulus.

“So, basically, we made a big loan to a whole lot of people until we actually get the funding from the government,” Wilkerson said.

Wilkerson said people who have filed their taxes electronically are going to get their money faster because the government already has their electronic banking information. For those who received the previous two stimulus checks by mail, it’s going to take a little bit longer.

People with an adjusted gross income under $75,000 a year are eligible to receive the full amount. Taxpayers can also receive $1,400 per dependent.

For many, the stimulus check comes as much needed extra help after a challenging year.

Brittany Ehrich, a mother of three and full-time worker, said she was able to get caught up on bills, pay off debt and buy summer clothes for her kids.

“It’s just a huge weight off my shoulders with the stress that 2020 brought me and my family,” she said.

Robert Bishop, the head custodian at Ellis Library for the past 10 years, said he expects to use the money for routine payments. “(I’m going to) pay some bills and get caught up like everyone else,” he said.

Anyone who has not received their stimulus check and thinks they are eligible can check the status of their payment with the IRS Get My Paymenttool. Those without internet connection can call 800-919-9835.