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Central Missouri Humane Society selects new director

The Central Missouri Humane Society announced Kimberly Sherlaw as its new executive director Monday.  Since Dr. Alan Allert resigned from the post in October the No Kill Columbia Campaign has pushed CMHS to select a director who supported their No-Kill policy.

By Erin Dismeier (Columbia, Mo.)

Humane Society board member Brendon Steenbergen says they were open to all opinions when searching for a new director.

"Hopefully everyone in the community will see that she has a broad base of experience, so I think she really is going to bring a lot of qualities that will satisfy all members of the community that have concerns about animal welfare in Columbia and Boone County," he said.

Sherlaw’s most recently served as Director of the Bermuda Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals which is an open-door facility.  But she has also served as Executive Director at the Norfolk, Va., SPCA, a No-Kill facility.

The No Kill Columbia Campaign is a grassroots organization aimed at keeping all Columbia animal shelters from euthanizing animals to open up space.  Melissa Kron, a campaign member, says they are looking forward to meeting Sherlaw.               

"We’re very optimistic that CMHS has selected someone who hopefully will get CMHS to be no-kill so that we can call Columbia a no-kill community," she says.

Kron says the campaign members hope Sherlaw’s background will move CMHS toward becoming no-kill and help unite all of the animal rescue organizations in Columbia. 

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