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Mo. Senator stops vote on drug program

state capitol
Ryan Famuliner
The Mo. Senate's only doctor is blocking a bill creating a prescription drug program for the state.

The Senate's only doctor continued to block a vote on a plan to create a prescription drug monitoring program for the state.
Republican St. Joseph Senator Rob Schaaf on Tuesday continued to delay a vote on a plan to create a statewide database to monitor prescription drug use.

Schaaf says the plan would create roadblocks in the way of patients getting the true medication they really need.

Republican Farmington Senator Kevin Engler is the bill sponsor.

He says the state already keeps track of prescriptions bought with insurance or through Medicaid.

"The only one is ones that pay cash, the ones that are selling them primarily in the secondary market do we not keep track," Engler said.

A similar bill has already passed this year overwhelmingly in the House by a vote of 143 yes and 6 no's.


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