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Trapp takes 2nd ward race

Michael Trapp celebrates victory in 2nd ward race.
Michael Trapp celebrates victory in 2nd ward race.

Columbians elected Michael Trapp as the next Second Ward Councilman. Trapp led with 44 percent of the votes against candidates Bill Pauls and Mike Atkinson who came in second and third respectively. Pauls says he respects both his opponents and compliments Trapp on his campaign.

“He and I both knocked on thousands of doors,” Pauls says. “And it was just a joy. We ran a good campaign. It was a clean campaign.”

Michael Trapp celebrated with a crowd of supporters at The Rome in Columbia Tuesday night.

 “I’ve been campaigning hard for three months, I describe it is as one long day,” Trapp says.

Trapp’s first political campaign ended in victory. The substance abuse counselor and new Second Ward council member says he knocked on nearly 3,000 doors to connect with constituents and says that made the difference.

“When I went into work today and I saw some individuals in recovery, people who had formerly been homeless and they had their ‘I voted today’ sticker, and they told me how proud—I want to champion folks who don’t normally have people stand up for them,” Trapp says.

Mike Atkinson came to concede and congratulate Trapp, whom he called a “new friend.”

“I have full faith and confidence in Michael,” Atkinson says. “I know he’s going to do an amazing job. He’s a very thoughtful, very insightful, very cerebral individual, so I know he’ll do a great job.”

Trapp says he will work in a deliberate manner and will avoid rash decisions and costly mistakes.

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