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Views of the News: Obama Video; Stupid Debates; Poll Attack; Shep's Sorry; Bad Science; Obese Anchor

Obama Video: So What?

Tucker Carlson and Vince Coglianese, TheDaily Caller: "Exclusive: In heated '07 speech, Obama lavishes praise on Wright, says feds 'don't care' about New Orleans"

Fox News: "Video surfaces of Obama in 2007 suggesting racism slowed aid to post-Katrina New Orleans"

CBS News: "Romney will offer specifics in debate, campaign says" (includes reaction to video)

Howard Kurtz, The Daily Beast: "Conservative Outlets Push Old Video of Barack Obama Talking About the Poor"

Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic: "The Daily Caller Video, President Obama and the Race-Obsessed Right"

Dylan Byers, Politico: "The Drudge hype falls flat"

Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post: "Obama's rant is news, but not a vote-changer"

Pew Research Center for the People & the Press: "Romney's '47%' Comments Criticized, But Many Also Say Overcovered"

Stupid/Critical Debate

Jack Shafer, Reuters: "Why we can't stop watching the stupid presidential debates"

Michael Calderone, The Huffington Post: "For 2012 Presidential Debates, Campaigns Speed Up The Spin"

David Talbot, MIT Technology Review: "The Real Debate Will Take Place on Facebook and Twitter"

Reynolds Journalism Institute: "RJI Fellow and presidential debates expert believes election may hinge on 2012 debates"

Derrick Harris, GigaOm: "Why the trick to analyzing Twitter data is more data"

Jeremy Peters, The New York Times: "Playing Roles of Referee and, Increasingly, Target During Debates"

Neal Gabler, McClatchy Newspapers: "Romney's media rebound on way"

Attacking the Polls

David Folkenflik, NPR: "Conservatives Charge Media Polls Favor Obama"

Dean Chambers, Examiner.com: "Busted: The pollsters are skewing less"

Nate Silver, NYT Fivethirtyeight blog: "Poll Averages Have No History of Consistent Partisan Bias"

Shepard Smith's Apology

Andrew Kirell, Mediaite: "Carjacker Shoots Self On Live Television At End of High-Speed Chase"

David Shuster, The Huffington Post: "The 'Live TV' Suicide: Forgive Shep Smith, But Boycott Buzzfeed"

Al Tompkins, Poynter: "Will TV's long love affair with car chases come to a screeching halt as Fox broadcasts suicide live?"

'Bad' Science Reporting

Curtis Brainard, Columbia Journalism Review: "Shoddy TV science coverage"

'Obese' Anchor Responds

WKBT-TV, Lacrosse, WI: "Jennifer Livingston responds to viewer letter about her weight"

The Onion Ain't Real!

The Onion: "Gallup Poll: Rural Whites Prefer Ahmadinejad To Obama"

Ina Fried, All Things D: "Iran News Agency Apologizes for Taking The Onion Seriously"

MIKE MCKEAN directs the Futures Lab, the experimental newsroom and technology testing center of the Reynolds Journalism Institute. He founded the School's Convergence Journalism program and serves on the MU Information Technology Committee. McKean is a leader in the School's partnerships with Apple, Inc., and Adobe Systems to transform journalism education through pervasive computing. He is a frequent trainer and guest lecturer at top media companies and universities in China, has helped establish convergence journalism programs at Shantou University and Moscow State University, and has conducted Internet workshops in the United States, the Russian Federation and Albania. McKean has been honored with the William T. Kemper Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching and the MU Faculty-Alumni Award. He earned a bachelor's degree at the Missouri School of Journalism in 1979 and a master of arts in political science from Rice University in 1985. McKean has served on the J-School faculty since 1986.