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MoDOT watches closely for careless drivers


This week Missouri law enforcement will be paying more attention to careless drivers as part of MoDOT’s Operation Safe Driver Week.

The event aims to raise awareness about safety issues when dealing with aggressive drivers and when driving near large trucks.

Sergeant Kevin Kelley is the Assistant Director of the Commercial Motor Vehicle Division for the state highway patrol. He said law enforcement will be paying particular attention to commercial truck drivers.

“Our job is to number one, educate these people to let them know that their actions are currently unsafe and can result in some kind of accident," Kelley said. "We stop commercial motor vehicles and we look for fatigued drivers”

Kelley said he believes programs like Operation Safe Driver are the reason truck-related traffic fatalities are declining in the state. MoDOT’s website says traffic fatalities have decreased from 992 in 2007 to 785 last year.

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