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McCaskill resumes campaign following mother's death

Claire McCaskill
Kristofor Husted

McCaskill spoke outside a St. Louis County grade school Wednesday about the importance of the school lunch program, noting that Republican opponent Todd Akin was one of just five lawmakers to oppose funding. But she also used the time to talk about her mother, who passed away earlier this week.

It was Claire McCaskill’s first public appearance since the passing of her mother, Betty Anne Ward McCaskill.

In previous campaigns, the Senator would often bring her mother up on the stump.

Claire McCaskill said it’s been a “tumultuous time.”

“Part of me feels a little lost,” Claire McCaskill said.

Claire McCaskill said even at the end, her mother was clear about what she wanted.

“In those moments, she said what are you doing here?" Claire McCaskill said. "Why aren’t you campaigning? What are the poll numbers. You better get to work. Why aren’t you in rural Missouri?"

Claire McCaskill will continue to campaign through election day, exception of Sunday, which she’ll take off for her mother’s memorial -- a decision she said would have upset her mother.

Akin was campaigning with former House speaker and presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich.

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