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Low voter turnout in Columbia sewer system bond measure

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Voter turnout in Columbia was low today as residents decide on a $32.3 million bond measure for the city’s sewer system.

Around noon, only about 2,400 people had voted.  Boone County Clerk Wendy Noren said she isn’t quite sure why there has been such the low turnout.

The proposal comes because the city’s need for major sewer improvements. With the bond the city would be able to complete major maintenance on the existing sewer system due to rainwater getting in the system and old pipes.

In addition, the bond would go towards funding for sewer extensions to developing areas. The bond would put more of a priority on maintenance, with 85 percent of the proceeds set aside for maintenance projects.

Columbia Sewer Utility Manager David Sorrell said if the public votes the bond down then the city will be limited to what it can do. Public work members would have to go back to the council and get their direction to move forward.

Boone County provided residents with 33 different locations to vote on the issue, and polls will stay open until 7 p.m Tuesday.