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A non-traditional election concluded in a traditional way

Photo courtesy Tyree Byndom, via Facebook.

COLUMBIA—TyreeByndom, the first American Bah’i to run for political office wrapped up election night in a surprising way. Byndom was joined by many friends and family at The Heidelberg awaiting election results.

Byndom is an untraditional candidate because he says through his faith he seeks to avoid contention and that prevented him from participating in many candidacy events.

As results were coming in, candidate Ginny Chadwick was the presumed winner of the first ward council seat by 68% of the total vote. Byndom had a very relaxed and content take on the night overall and had no comment regarding future plans.

“I’ve been really detached, excited, and elated all day,” Byndom says. “That is just me, I am always an optimist. This process is very sacrificial to anybody that chooses to serve, you make a lot of sacrifices for not just candidates, but everybody.”

Regarding the election, Byndom says he learned a lot and will be covering his thoughts on his talk show, called The Future of Como this weekend.

Although Byndom lost, the election was the last thing on his mind. He got down on one knee and professed his love to partner, now fiancé, Nikolette Bell during the gathering with family and friends. In the end Byndom came out a winner of his own.  

“Love each other regardless, there are no victors or vanquished,” Byndom says. “We are members of our community and it is up to us to make sure our community is healthy for our kids.” 

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