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Ginny Chadwick wins Columbia City Council’s First Ward

ginny chadwick
Jack Howard

University of Missouri graduate student Ginny Chadwick won Columbia city council’s first ward seat. She hosted a watch party at Trey Bistro.

Chadwick supporter Ivy Boley began wearing a key with a blue ribbon before the polls even closed. It’s a symbol Chadwick campaigned on.

“Ginny is probably going to win,” said Boley. “And it’s pretty much the key to the city.”

Chadwick unofficially won with about 68 percent of the 777 votes cast.

Outgoing first ward council member Fred Schmidt said Chadwick can “play well in the sand.”

“He’s teasing me because I’m little more of a progressive candidate than he is…” said Chadwick.  “He’s trying to say listen to all sides.”

One of Chadwick’s campaign platforms was her support of sustainability for the city.

Columbia Environment and Energy Commission member Alyce Turner said she likes that Chadwick describes herself as a progressive.

Turner said she also liked Chadwick’s position on a recent development issue on 8th and Locust streets, one she says Chadwick would not have supported.

“I feel sure that she is supportive of renewable energies and energy efficiencies and will support the work of the Energy Environment Commission,” said Turner.

Chadwick defeated Tyree Byndon and Bill Easley. She said now that she’s a council member, she has a lot more listening to do.

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