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Developer 'Opus Group' drops threat of legal action against Columbia City Council

10th and Elm in downtown Columbia
KBIA File Photo

The Opus Group announced plans to drop the threat of legal action surrounding its controversial downtown Columbia student housing project. The real estate group had been granted permission to begin construction on a new high rise apartment complex, but concerns from some Columbia residents cast the future of the building into doubt.

First Ward Council member Ginny Chadwick worked with Opus to broker a new deal that would rescind the original ordinance and reach a new deal that would attempt to satisfy both sides of the issue. 

She said she plans to add the deal to the council’s May 5 agenda. The deal would have Opus pay almost $500,000 to improve city infrastructure.

Chadwick said she is optimistic the measure will pass, as it addresses the concerns of those opposed to the measure, and it would benefit the sewer system.

“I do feel that this is meeting the requests of the people and going through due process," Chadwick said.  "There’s obviously some big picture things we need to consider, but our downtown infrastructure still has to be up to date.”

The deal would also ensure that the building has an active ground floor, meaning that some businesses could operate at the street level of the building.

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