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Views Preview: Covering gay pride at Fort Leonard Wood

U.S. Army photo

On Monday, the first-ever gay pride event was held on post at Fort Leonard Wood. Command Sgt. Major Teresa King spoke at a luncheon about her journey coming out and living openly as a gay soldier in the U.S. Army.

Some would say that this is news. It's not that long ago that such an event on an military post would have been illegal. Others say there are diversity events held all the time celebrating one group or another, and it deserved no more coverage than those do.

The publisher of the Pulaski County Daily News says he went to the event Monday and plans to write a story about it. But, last week, went on the record saying he didn't find it to be worthy of significant coverage -- via his Facebook page.

Facebook Post by Darrell Todd Maurina.
Lindsey Toler, Riverfront Times: “Journalist refuses to cover pride event at Fort Leonard Wood, “comes out” as anti-LGBT

Colin Murphy, LGBTQ Nation: “Newspaper publisher spouts anti-gay views in response to reader’s pride query

Mandy Matney, Waynesville Daily Guide: “First Pride Month luncheon to be held on post next week

Apple CEO outed on CNBC

The gaffe came during a discussion with New York Times columnist Jim Stewart, who was on "Squawk Box" talking about his piece dealing with corporate culture and gay executives.

Tom Kludt, Talking Points Memo: “CNBC panel gets awkward when host refers to Apple CEO Tim Cook as gay

Seth Weintraub, 9to5 Mac: “Tim Cook and Apple celebrate #ApplePride in San Francisco today

Mike Campbell, Apple Insider: “Apple CEO Tim Cook ‘outed’ as gay by CNBC co-anchor

Chris Geidner & Kate Aurthur, BuzzFeed: “When is it OK to ask wehther a public figure is gay?


The Associated Press is the latest to announce it will use robots to write certain data-driven stories.  The wire service will automate the reporting of quarterly earnings stories on its business wires.

AP Managing Editor Lou Ferrera said he'd rather his reporters spend their time to crunching numbers, he'd rather they devote themselves making the numbers more meaningful to readers.

Sam Kirkland, Poynter: “AP on robot reporters: ‘I can’t have journalists spending a ton of time on data processing’

Paul Colford, Associated Press: “A leap forward in quarterly earnings stories

Catherine Taibi, Huffington Post: “Another news outlet is using robots to write stories

Andrew Beaujon, Poynter: “AP will use robots to write some business stories

Automated Insights: “Automated Insights secures $5.5 million in oversubscribed Series B

Judge tosses George Zimmerman libel suit

A Florida judge threw out George Zimmerman's libel suit against NBC on Monday.  According to the Orlando Sentinel, Judge Debra S. Nelson said there was no clear evidence anyone at NBC knew the information it published was false at the time or that it recklessly disregarded the truth of the statements.

Rene Stuzman, Orlando Sentinel: “George Zimmerman loses libel suit against NBC

Evan McMurry, Mediaite: “George Zimmerman’s libel suit against NBC dismissed

Jordan Chariton, TVNewser: “Judge dismisses George Zimmerman’s libel suit against NBC Universal

Matt Lauer isn't apologizing

Today Show co-anchor Matt Lauer stands behind the questions he asked General Motors' CEO Mary Barra about her ability -- as a woman and working mother -- to lead the billion-dollar automobile company.

Tom Walsh, Detroit Free Press: “Tom Walsh: Matt Lauer takes dopey route with mom questions to Barra

David Bauder, AP: “Matt Lauer isn’t apologizing for sexist interview question

Kendall Breitman, POLITICO: “Matt Lauer defends GM mom question

Jake Perlman, Entertainment Weekly: “Matt Lauer responds to criticism over ‘Today’ interview with GM CEO Mary Barra

Justin Hyde, Yahoo News: “Matt Lauer asks General Motors’ CEO if she can be a good mother too

Credit via Facebook

Facebook's emotional experiment

Congratulations! If you're on Facebook, chances are you can add "lab rat" to the many titles you already hold.  That's because we found out the social network - along with researchers from Cornell University and University of California-San Francisco - conducted a scientific experiment on users' moods based on manipulated posts in their news feeds.

Reed Albergotti, Wall Street Journal: “Furor erupts over Facebook’s experiment on users

Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic: “Everything we know about Facebook’s secret mood manipulation experiment

Linda Holmes, NPR: “Lab rats, one and all: That unsettling Facebook experiment

Dino Grandoni, Huffington Post: “You may have been a lab rat in a huge Facebook experiment

Katy Waldman, Slate: “Facebook’s unethical experiment

H. Roger Segelken & Stacey Shackford, Cornell Chronicle: “News feed: ‘Emotional contagion’ sweeps Facebook

Kashmir Hill, Forbes: “Facebook added ‘research’ to user agreement 4 months after emotion manipulation study

Plagiarism or television news S.O.P?

In television news, affiliates share stories via feeds on an hourly basis.  We're reminded of it every time Conan O'Brien runs another segment with news anchors all reading the same script -- never changing a word.  But, most of the time, those anchors toss to the exact same recorded package, airing it as it was delivered to them by the network.  What happens when an affiliate station takes the work of a reporter in one market and repackages it as their own? Is it plagiarism or standard operating procedure?

George Warren, JimRomenekso.com: “Is this plagiarism? Or just TV news S.O.P.?

George Warren, KXTV: “Orangevale man captures near-miss lightning strike on video"

CBS New York: "Lightning strike caught on camera at Yellowstone National Park"

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