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Missourians to decide on early voting measure

Marjie Kennedy

An initiative, Amendment 6, for early voting prior to the elections in Missouri will be decided November 4. The amendment gives the Missourians access to the ballet box six days earlier, ending on the Wednesday before the election. 


Aaron Baker, spokesperson for Missourians for Free and Fair elections, says it would be a good idea, because this Amendment 6 will improve ballot access for all voters.


"Most Missourians think that it’s a good idea to allow folks to have easier access to the ballot box and to do so in a free and fair way." Baker said. "There are some conveniences relating to being able to vote early. For instance, if you have to work on Election Day or are out of the voting jurisdiction."


Aaron Baker thinks that anyone who wants to go into the local election should be able to do it. 


"In Missouri we already have early voting, but you need to have an excuse to vote early. With the Amendment 6 you will be able just to walk in and vote six days earlier," Baker said.
If the Amendment 6 passes on November 4 it will be in force for the election in 2016.   


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