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KBIA buys local station KWWC

  KBIA and the University of Missouri announced plans to buy KWWC.  The lower-power FM station is currently owned by Stephens College.  Pending FCC approval, the new frequency will carry classical music around the clock while KBIA will switch to an all-news format from 4 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Missouri School of Journalism professors Earnest Perry, Mike McKean and Amy Simons discuss the purchase.

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Missouri School of Journalism professor and Views of the News host Amy Simons said she personally was looking forwards to the transition. She said she misses having access to news radio "almost on demand." 

"This is a great thing both for our audience here at KBIA and for our students"

Missouri School of Journalism Mike McKean said for those within the range of what is now KWWC  this could be seen as a "win win" for classical listeners and news consumers. 

"Frankly what I really like about it is that there's an opportunity for the School of Journalism to kelp KBIA with new kinds of news content... a lot we haven't been able to do because we didn't have the time to do it"

For more on KBIA's purchase of KWWC see Bram Sable-Smith's story, “MU, KBIA to acquire KWWC from Stephens

Austin Federa left KBIA in May of 2015.
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