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Hallsville repeals 20-year-old pit-bull ban

A 20-year-old pit-bull ban has been repealed by The Hallsville City Council. Cheri Reish, mayor of Hallsville, said there is a resident in the area who adopted a pit-bull and were originally told that pit-bull was not allowed in the community. So, the resident came to the city council to repeal the ban.

"They want to keep their new family pet,” Reish said. “And they came to the city council. We considered it. And it’s unanimously repealed. ” 

Reish said the community had some pit-bulls that were aggressive many years ago which is why the initial law was put on the book in 1989. After that, pit-bulls were not allowed to be in the city-limits. The law not only banned pit-bulls in the area, but also prevented some people from living in the community. 

“We had a couple of people wanting to move in our city who already own pit-bull dogs,” Reish said. “Once they found out we didn’t allow them, they decided not to move into our city.”

Reish said the law was unfair to outlaw a specific breed.

“It doesn’t need to be certain kind of dog. We felt it was being unjust to outlaw one certain kind of dog,” the mayor said. 

Reish said she sees the repeal is a positive thing. In the future, residents will have more freedom to choose the dog they would like to adopt without limitations.

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