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Tergin Wins Jefferson City Race for Mayor

Mary Kate Metivier

Jefferson City has a new mayor-elect after Election Day yesterday. Carrie Tergin celebrated her win during a watch party last night at Revel Catering and Events in downtown Jefferson City, with close friends and supporters. Tergin won the race for mayor with 41 percent.

Tergin said she was proud of the large amount of support she received from voters.

“To see the wide margin that I was able to achieve just really showed that this community does want to move forward,” Tergin said. “It shows they want leadership that sees the positive in Jefferson City and sees the opportunities that we have – and not to stay the same but to get better and move forward – and that’s what I’m about.”

Tergin said her plan is to continue to be appreciative of her support during her time as mayor.

“My mayor’s office is going to be the people’s office at City Hall, and I will welcome all of their input,” Tergin said. “Just as I did during the campaign will continue throughout my leadership.”

Tergin will become the second female mayor in the city’s history, following Louise Gardner, who served as mayor from 1987 to 1995.

Edith Vogel, another candidate in the race, congratulated Tergin and the rest of the candidates on a great race during a watch party at her home in Jefferson City. Vogel said she was proud to be a part of the good clean election, but does not wish to run again.

This was something I had to do in my heart of hearts,” Vogel said. “I’m not a young person anymore, and I had, I had but the little voice said try it one more time, and I did, I put my name on the ballot, I’m not afraid for challenges.”

Vogel received the third most votes with 17 percent, Bob Scrivner had 29 percent, and Roy Viessman, Leonard Steinman and Richard Groner had 6, 3 and 2 percent respectively.