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Interim Chancellor Hank Foley Announces Graduate Student Stipend Increase

Adam Proctor

Today the University of Missouri Interim Chancellor, Hank Foley, delivered the annual state of the university address. Foley announced an increase in regarding graduate student stipends.   

 “Beginning in July, July 1, 2016, our minimum stipend will rise by three thousand dollars a year to 15 thousand dollars,” Foley said.

He said the stipend that graduate students currently receive is well below the average of other higher learning institutions.

Foley is hopeful that the increase will place the University of Missouri among the top flight land grant universities.

In order to receive the minimum a graduate student must be either a research assistant or a teaching assistant, and work a minimum of 20 hours a week.

In addition, Foley says that beginning in July 1, 2017, an additional three thousand dollars will be added to graduate stipends, bringing the minimum stipend amount to a total of 18 thousand dollars.

Foley said the university is dedicated to working with graduate students in making sure they are treated fairly and shown appreciation for their hard work.

Additionally, Foley addressed some of the other issues the university has faced this past year, including protests over the lack of university responsiveness to racist incidents, and the university’s relationship with the Missouri general assembly.

Republican Representative Caleb Rowden, who was in attendance at today’s State of the University, said he thinks these past few months tested the relationship between the university and the state, but he’s confident in Foley’s abilities to drive the university forward.

 “What I got out of that was that he gets it. He knows that we have problems but he also is familiar enough and knows enough about this university to know how we can move forward. I have a lot of confidence in Hank and I think that as long as he is here I think he is going to do things in a way that is going to allow us to move ahead,” Rowden said.