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Views of the News: Talking About Super Tuesday

via Flickr user Michael Vadon

The run up to the Super Tuesday primaries was full of media news – from Donald Trump’s call to open up libel laws, to the Secret Service’s takedown of a TIME photographer, to a fake New York Times article announcing a key endorsement for Bernie Sanders.

Alex Griswold, Mediaite: “Marco Rubio’s latest attacks on Trump are crude, beyond the pale, and absolutely genius

Eli Rosenberg, New York Times: “Fake New York Times article claims Elizabeth Warren endorsed Bernie Sanders

Mark Hensch, The Hill: “Fake NYT article shows Warren endorsing Sanders

Mathew Ingram, Fortune; “Could Donald Trump actually make good on his promise to ‘open up’ libel laws?

Emily Schultheis, CBS News: “Why Donald Trump wants to change libel laws

Margaret Sullivan, New York Times: "How Trump's 'off the record' remarks crept out"

Jim Acosta, Kristen Holmes, Julia Manchester & Jeremy Diamond, CNN: “Photographer: Secret Service agent choked me at a Trump rally

TIME Staff: “TIME responds to confrontation with Secret Service at Trump event

Doina Chiacu, Reuters: “Hecklers disrupt Trump rally, photographer shoved to the ground

Credit via Flickr user 2012 Pop Culture Geek

Chris Rock & the Oscars

After weeks of wondering how Chris Rock would address the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, the comedian put it out there Sunday night. He kept the issue of diversity in Hollywood front and center from the opening monologue through the telecast's final curtain.

New York Times: “Chris Rock’s opening Oscar monologue: A transcript

Jessica Contrera, New York Times: “Chris Rock’s Oscars monologue totally lived up to the hype

Brooks Barnes, New York Times: “Ratings drop for Oscar telecast, early figures show

Damon Young, verysmartbrothas.com: “Chris Rock was really bad last night. And the #OscarsSoWhite skits were even worse

Jessica Contrera, Washington Post: “If the Oscars were about diversity, why the crude Asian joke?"

'Spotlight' wins best picture

The 2016 Best Picture winner centered on the Boston Globe's Spotlight team, and the reporting it did to uncover the priest sex-abuse scandal within the Catholic Church.


Marty Baron, Washington Post: “I’m in ‘Spotlight,’ but it’s not really about me. It’s about the power of journalism

Kristen Hare, Poynter: “The Boston Globe ran a full-page ad thanking everybody involved in ‘Spotlight’

Steven Zeitchik, LA Times: “‘Spotlight’ makes journalism great again with a savvy Oscars campaign

Brian Stelter, CNN Money: “’Spotlight’ wins Best Picture, and the real-life journalists are overjoyed

Making the paper more like a smartphone

What if you could make your newspaper interactive... if it worked more like a smartphone, changing displays with a flick of the wrist?

Kristen Hare, Poynter: “How do you make the printed page interactive? The L.A. Times used the sun

VIDEO: 'The Oscars inspired us to make your Sunday LA Times feel more like a smartphone"

Melissa Harris-Perry vs. MSNBC

Brian Stelter, CNN Money: “Melissa Harris-Perry is out at MSNBC

Hadas Gold, POLITICO: “MSNBC parts ways with Melissa Harris-Perry, as Jose Dias Balart questions linger

Paul Fahri, Washington Post: “MSNBC to sever ties with Melissa Harris-Perry after host’s critical email

Breanna Edwards, TheRoot.com: “Melissa Harris-Perry refuses to go on her MSNBC show followingpre-emptions

Jamil Smith, Medium: “Melissa Harris-Perry’s email to her #nerdland staff

John Koblin, New York Times: “Melissa Harris-Perry walks off her MSNBC show afterpre-emptions

Mark Joyella, TV Newser: “Melissa Harris-Perry Accuses MSNBC of ‘Taking’ Her Show: ‘I Want It Back’”

Melissa Click fired

Photo provided by Melissa Click

William Schmitt, Columbia Missourian: “Curators’ report, Melissa Click’s response contradict on context and comments

Rebecca Smith & Rachel Phillips, Columbia Missourian: “Foley addresses concerns about Melissa Click at MU Faculty Council meeting

Tom Warhover, Columbia Missourian: “DEAR READER: Melissa Click is the story that keeps going and going

William Bradley, Columbia Daily Tribune: “Those who love MU are not laughing

AMY SIMONS teaches news literacy, multimedia journalism and advanced social media strategies.