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Election Night 2016: Hartzler Keeps Seat in U.S. Congress

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Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler has been elected as the Representative for the Fourth District of Missouri. She based her campaign on a platform of agricultural issues, healthcare, and federal government involvement.

She is critical of the Affordable Care Act and seeks to limit the powers of the measure. Hartzler is a member of the Armed Services committee in the Missouri House of Reps.

Hartzler,  a supporter of Donald Trump says she thinks he will "bring real change that Washington needs and so I hope that by the end of the night, he ends up prevailing. We don’t need four more years of the economy being stagnant, and with failed foreign policy that Hillary Clinton will bring with her.”

Born and raised in Columbia, Steve has always been interested in the stories that concern Mid-Missourians. After ten years as an actor/improvisor in Chicago and Los Angeles, Steve is happy to return home and attend the School of Journalism at the University of Missouri. In Columbia, Steve has been a commercial spokesman for several spots on ABC 17/FOX 22. He also serves as a guest host for Accent on Swing on 89.5 KOPN.