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Views Preview: The Story Behind the 'Cringeworthy' Video

Courtesy WTOL

It might be the most cringeworthy video to go viral this year. Why did the news staff at WTOL-TV produce a hype video for the Toledo Public Schools? And, how might it compromise the staff’s reporting efforts in the future?


Staff, WTOL: “It’s time to spill the tea on WTOL’s cringe-worthy video

Staff, Toledo Blade: “WTOL video meant to encourage students goes viral, then is removed

Allyson Chiu, Washington Post: “’Weather’s going to be turnt, right?’: A new team’s experiment in teen slang left viewers ‘cringing’

Salvador Hernandez, Buzzfeed: “Local news anchors in Ohio decided to use teen lingo and it went about how you’d expect

Kirk Baird, Toledo Blade: “Twitter twits ruin fun WTOL video

Biden’s ‘expressions of affection’

Lucy Flores, The Cut: “An awkward kiss changed how I saw Joe Biden

Stephanie Carter, Medium: “The #MeToo story that wasn’t me

Quint Forgey, POLITICO: “Ex-Defense secretary’s wife says photo of her with Biden is misleadingbiden”

Nausicaa Renner, Columbia Journalism Review: “Flores, Biden, and deciding what’s newsworthy

Paul Farhi, Washington Post: “Amid the cycles of outrage, a strategy emerges: Just ride it out.

Releasing the Mueller Report

Josh Gerstein, POLITICO: “Press group asks judge to lift grand jury secrecy in Mueller report

Jerrold L. Nadler, New York Times: “America is done waiting for the Mueller Report

Brendan Morrow, The Week: “Democrats are preparing to subpoena the full Mueller report

Jones: ‘A form of psychosis’


Doha Madani, NBC News: “InfoWars’ Alex Jones claims a ‘psychosis’ caused him to question Sandy Hook massacre

Daniel Politi, Slate: “Infowars host Alex Jones blames ‘a form of psychosis’ for Sandy Hook truther claims

Sebastian Murdock, HuffPost: “We got Alex Jones’ deposition video. It was a predictable disaster for him.

Claudia Keorner, BuzzFeed: “Alex Jones blamed a ‘form of psychosis’ for spreading Sandy Hook conspiracies

Sophie Lewis, CBS News: “InfoWars’ Alex Jones says he had a ‘form of psychosis’ when spreading Sandy Hook conspiracies

Calling it what it is

Doris Truong, Poynter: “AP Stylebook update: It’s OK to call something racist when it’s racist

Marina Fang, HuffPost: “Journalists should call something racist when it’s racist, Associated Press says

Code Switch: “Why some journalists have a hard time saying the word ‘racist’

Issac J. Bailey, Nieman Reports: “It’s time for journalists to use the ‘R’ word: Racism

‘Black press only’ at campaign event

Eric Curl, Savannah Morning News: “Two black candidates for Savannah’s mayor attend meeting that bars white reporters

Shannon Johnson & Stephen Moody, WJCL: “Why only ‘black media’ allowed at community meeting about Savannah mayoral races?

Joel Shannon, USA Today: “’Black Press Only!’: Political meeting in Georgia turns away journalists based on race, reports say

Facebook & Apple News+: Game change?

Jim Waterson, The Guardian: “Facebook considers hiring editors to pick quality news for users

Peter Kafka, ReCode: “Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook may pay publishers to put their stuff in a dedicated news section

Oliver Darcy, CNN: “Facebook could launch new section of ‘high quality’ news by end of 2019

Laura Hazard Owen, Nieman Lab: “Facebook is working on a dedicated News tab that may pay publishers licensing fees (or quarantine news where most users won’t find it)

Nick Statt, The Verge: “One week with Apple News Plus: A messy but good-enough Netflix for magazines

Joe Pompeo, Vanity Fair: “’Are we at a party, or a wake?’: Journalists wonder if Apple News+ is a trojan horse

Edmund Lee, New York Times: “Media companies take a big gamble on Apple

Oscar changes?

Daniel Arkin, NBC: “DOJ to Oscars: Potential new Netflix rules could be an issue

Trey Williams, The Wrap: “Justice Department warns Academy possible Netflix rule changes could violate antitrust law