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Views of the News Preview: Getting Political On Streaming Services


We’re streaming right and left, and with Election Day inching near, there’s no shortage of politically minded entertainment programming from which to choose. This week, we’ll look at the dramas, documentaries, mockumentaries and stage shows which await.


Nicole Sperling, New York Times: “Before Nov. 3, watch this and this and this

Floyd Press Managing Editor Ashley Spinks is the only full-time editorial staff at the weekly paper.
Floyd Press Managing Editor Ashley Spinks is the only full-time editorial staff at the weekly paper.

And then there were none

Mallory Noe-Payne, WVTF Radio: “She’s a one-person newsroom, but Lee Enterprises kept cutting

Rosa Cartagena, Washingtonian: “A local journalist in Virginia ran a newspaper on her own. Then she got fired for talking to the press.

Ashley Spinks Dugan: Twitter thread

Pay-to-play network replacing local newspapers

Davey Alba & Jack Nicas, New York Times: “As local news dies, a pay-for-play network rises in its place

Emily Glazer & Keach Hagey, Wall Street Journal: “Partisan sites posing as local news expand ahead of election

Steve Waldman, Poynter: “Opinion: Faux local news sites are flooding America. Here’s how we fix it.

Missouri Independent Homepage
Missouri Independent Homepage

A new player: Missouri Independent

Missouri Independent

States Newsroom

Jason Hancock, Missouri Independent: “Introducing the Missouri Independent: ‘Detectives for the people’

Debating the debate

Alana Wise, NPR: “Debate commission to mute candidates’ mics at start of each segment

Ted Johnston, Deadline: “Donald Trump’s campaign objects to debate topics, possible rules changes for next event

Tom Jones, Poynter: “Who is Donald Trump complaining about now? NBC News’ Kristen Welker, the next debate moderator

Jonathan Chait, The Intelligencer: “The news media isn’t biased against Trump. It’s biased for him.

Rush Limbaugh, The Rush Limbaugh Show: “Trump must change strategy in the next debate

Feds file antitrust suit against Google

David McCabe & Cecilia Kang, New York Times: “U.S. accuses Google of illegally protecting monopoly

Steve Lohr, New York Times: “What is happening with the antitrust suit against Google?

Brian X. Chen, New York Times: “It’s Google’s world. We just live in it.

Geoffrey A. Fowler, Washington Post: “How does Google’s monopoly hurt you? Try these searches.

AMY SIMONS teaches multi-platform reporting and editing to students in the convergence journalism interest area.