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9 Local Students Learn Radio Storytelling at Transom Workshop

Aug 31, 2015

What happens when you put 9 students of all ages, an expert instructor and a teaching assistant together in a classroom with microphones for 7 days? Well, we tried it, and we got nine amazing pieces of student radio.

The Missouri Audio Project, or MAP for short, collaborated with a radio organization called Transom. Transom provides instruction in radio storytelling across the country and world through traveling workshops. In August, the first Transom Traveling Workshop took place in Columbia at the University of Missouri. 

The workshop was taught by Rob Rosenthal, a long-time radio producer and instructor. He worked with nine students for one week and helped them turn their ideas into finished radio stories. At the end, the students had skills in interviewing, writing for radio, and producing audio. 

The Missouri Audio project is the new home and platform for audio storytelling at the University of Missouri. It was made possible by Mizzou Advantage, The Murray Center for Documentary Studies, The Missouri School of Journalism, KBIA, the English Department and the new Digital Storytelling Department at University of Missouri.  

Want to hear more? Join us for a special event on Thursday, September 3rd, 2015 at Ragtag. We’ll gather to listen to these pieces of student work and be joined by Jonathan Goldstein - a radio producer and creator of the show Wiretap. He’s also worked for This American Life.

Rob Rosenthal is a radio instructor at the Transom Story Workshop in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.
Credit Meredith Turk / KBIA

We’ll celebrate the launch of the Missouri Audio Project and share radio insight. This event is free and open to the public. 

Below you'll find all the student pieces. Some students had never held a microphone before this workshop, while others had training for courses at the Missouri School of Journalism. 

On Motherhood

Hope Kirwan
Credit Meredith Turk / KBIA

Hope Kirwan profiles a woman named Lori Stoll who has nine children. Five of those children were adopted later in life and have Southeast Asian backgrounds. Hope tells the story of the struggles and triumphs of Lori's life as a mother to many.

Becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Lise Saffran
Credit Meredith Turk / KBIA

Lise Saffran's son, Jonah, became a Bar Mitzvah last spring, despite coming from a secular home In this story, a mother explores her son's choices and how they bring him closer to their family.

Raising a Police Officer: George Hatton's History with Law Enforcement

Raymond Summerville
Credit Meredith Turk / KBIA

Raymond Summerville profiles George Hatton, or as the neighborhood kids call him -- "grandpa." But George's path to a friendly neighbor had a few jumps and turns. One major turn was having a daughter join the police force. 

The Neighborly Thing

Emerald O'Brien
Credit Meredith Turk / KBIA

Emerald O'Brien profiles her neighbor, "Brent." Along the way, she realizes that there's more than meets the eye going on with this adult man who lives with his mom.

Click Magic

Joanna Hearne
Credit Meredith Turk / KBIA

  Joanna Hearne profiles a local dog trainer with a special trick. Kelly Tracy can transform aggressive dogs, but now she's trying to train more humans to use her humane training tactics.

Puzzling Out African American Geneaology

Monica Hand
Credit Meredith Turk / KBIA

 Monica Hand profiles local genealogist Traci Wilson-Kleekamp and visits a cemetery with a puzzling past.

Like A Big Cookie

Meredith Turk
Credit Emerald O'Brien / KBIA

  Meredith Turk profiles a local cattle farmer who's simple approach to life informs how he is dealing with a difficult family situation. This piece is a creative dive into the world of sound art. 

  Faye, In Pictures

Julija Sukys
Credit Meredith Turk / KBIA

  Julija Sukys profiles Shane Epping, a local photographer. After a tragedy at home, Shane isn't the same man he used to be. But his volunteer photography helps bring out his softer side.

  Refuge in the Front Row

Andrew Leland
Credit Meredith Turk / KBIA

  Andrew Leland profiles a local woman named Jan Goodman. Jan is well-known in town for being a regular at the arthouse cinema. Andrew learns why Jan is so attracted to being a part of something eclectic.