Analysis Finds Disparity in Missouri Stillbirth Deductions

Jul 6, 2018

A newspaper analysis has found Missouri allowed more than twice as many tax deductions to families claiming a stillborn child than the number of such cases reported in 2016.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports a review of state tax records and public health figures found the Missouri Department of Revenue issued deductions to 1,044 families for stillborn child that year.

But the Department of Health and Senior Services says it received reports of 467 stillborn children the same year.

In 2017, the state issued 506 deductions while the health department recorded 436 stillbirths.

Supporters of the deduction, which was enacted in 2015, say they are puzzled by the disparity.

The law allows a one-time $1,2000 exemption from a parent's income — the same amount taxpayers can claim for each dependent.