Beers all around: Logboat Brewing Wins Lawsuit over Trademark

Jun 26, 2018

A judge ruled in favor of Logboat Brewing Co. on Monday in a lawsuit which claimed Logboat copied the name and can design of a Maine-based brewery’s signature export ale.

Shipyard Brewing Co. sued in May 2017 in the Western District of Missouri over Logboat’s Shiphead Ginger Wheat beer. Shipyard claimed that Logboat had chosen the name of the beer and design of the can to deceive consumers into thinking they were buying Shipyard’s beer.

“There is no evidence that Logboat intended to pass its Shiphead Ginger Wheat beer off as Shipyard beer, and there is no evidence of actual confusion,” U.S. District Judge Nanette Laughrey wrote in her judgment.

Shipyard offers beers with names like Pumpkinhead and Melonhead. The words “ship” and “head” are associated with ...

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