Boil Water Advisories Issued for Northwest Columbia and Hartsburg Residents

Jul 13, 2018

Consolidated Water of Boone County issued precautionary boil water advisories Friday for residents in Boone County, just outside the northwest Columbia boundary, and Hartsburg after fixing water main breaks.

A boil water advisory is issued when a water main break causes pressure to drop, according to Columbia Water & Light. The pressure drop could cause a back flow of water, causing contamination of the water distribution system.

The water district suggests residents under the boil advisory boil their water for three minutes before using it for cooking and drinking.

The advisories were issued because there was a leak in a water main in the affected areas Friday morning, causing low water pressure. The advisories will be in place until noon Monday.

Consolidated Water customers east of the intersection of North Roemer Road and West Obermiller Road, and south of Rocky Fork Creek, are affected, the advisories stated. Affected areas include:

  • West Obermiller Road between Roemer Road and Creasy Springs Road
  • 802 to 804 and 3500 to 5460 Creasy Springs Road
  • North Roemer Road
  • North Cindy Lane
  • North Oberlin Valley Drive
  • West Sanderson Lane
  • West Sunny Ridge Lane
  • Prairie View Drive
  • 707 to 825 West Prairie Lane

Consolidated Water customers south of 21100 Route A, including the entire town of Hartsburg, are also affected.

Visit Consolidated Water's website for more information on the advisory and affected areas.