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The Business of Poaching

Jul 6, 2017

Credit AP Photo

Might your children or grandchildren someday live in a world without rhinoceroses or African elephants?

The chances of that are probably higher than you might guess.

There are just 350,000 elephants remaining on African savannas, one-tenth the number in 1900. And the population is estimated to be shrinking by 27,000 a year. The black rhino population has declined 93 percent since 1970.

On this edition of Global Journalist, a look at the trade in elephant tusks and rhino horns that fuels the poaching industry that continues to decimate these endangered species. 

Note this program was originally broadcast Feb. 9, 2017.  

Joining the program:

  • Jeremy Young, senior investigative producer at al-Jazeera who worked on the documentary "The Poachers' Pipeline"
  • Grace Ge Gabriel, Asia regional director at the International Fund for Animal Welfare
  • Isabel Hilton, editor-in-chief of environmental news site and a contributor to The Guardian
  • Aron White, campaigner, Environmental Investigation Agency