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Can you even walk a runway?

Tobie Roberts measures and pins a dress on Madi Lawson.
Rebecca Smith
Fashion designer Tobie Roberts, left, does a fitting with Madi Lawson, right. Madi modeled the finale dress in Tobie's most recent collection, Breathe, for Kansas City Fashion Week in April 2018

When was the last time you saw a model with a disability? Or a person with a disability featured in an advertising campaign? On a runway? Or even a mannequin in a store that showcased a different ability? It might be hard to recall even one.

In this episode, Madi and Becky take a look at the world of fashion-Madi's #1 love. She talks with fashion designer Tobie Roberts about how to design for disabled bodies, their experiences working together for Kansas City Fashion Week and what the fashion industry can do to be truly inclusive.

Hosts: Madison Lawson, Rebecca Smith

Reporter/Producer: Rosie Belson, Rebecca Smith

Editor: Ryan Famuliner

Online and Social: Nathan Lawrence

Executive Producer: Aaron Hay