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Celebrate Ability Week

The University of Missouri is continuing to celebrate ability today as part of a week-long event to recognize people with disabilities.

by Jennifer Long (Columbia, Mo.)

The annual Celebrate Ability Week started last year as part of the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. According to Missouri law student and the event’s co-chair, Amber Cheek, celebrating ability helps others understand disability is just another form of diversity.

"Someone who is blind and that is an immutable characteristic to be proud of, just like someone who is African American is proud of their race," Cheek said.

Celebrate Ability Week has 12 events including an accessibility expo, a documentary screening, and multiple workshops on student perspectives on disability and ways professors can make their classes and activities accessible to everyone.  The event’s purpose is to highlight the accomplishments of those with disabilities and educate the community. Events will take place through Friday October 7th.