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The Check-In: The Ballot

Oct 30, 2020

We're all well aware that there’s an election coming up—in just five days, you are being called upon to make decisions as an American citizen: Decisions about the next President of the United States. Also, decisions about your state Governor, Leiutenant Governor, and lots of state representatives and state senators, as well as some issues, including Clean Missouri. Today we’re breaking down your ballot—what’s on it, how to decide, and how to make sure your vote gets counted. 

The Check-In host Janet Saidi is ready to take your calls.

Our guests today:

Brianna Lennon, Boone County Clerk

Scott Swafford, senior City Editor at the Columbia Missourian, and long-time political reporter

Mark Horvit, director of the Missouri School of Journalism's State Government Reporting program, and specialist in investigative reporting