Cigarette Tax Supporters Collecting Signatures for Ballot Proposal

Dec 17, 2015

Credit Sudipto Sarkar / flickr

Supporters of increasing the tax on cigarettes by 23 cents a pack are collecting signatures to get the proposal on the ballot.

Missouri Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association Executive Director Ronald Leone said Wednesday an outside firm began gathering signatures this week.

Initiative petitions need a certain number of voter signatures to make it on the 2016 ballot.

The proposal would increase the cigarette tax to 40 cents per pack in phases, beginning in 2017. The measure also would increase taxes on other tobacco products to 15 percent from 10 percent.

The association says the tax would bring in about $100 million per year to pay for transportation infrastructure.

Proposals to increase the tax to 50 cents a pack for childhood education also are approved to start collecting signatures.