Columbia Residents Plan a Petition to Recall City Council Member

Feb 18, 2016

Columbia City Hall

 A group of Columbia residents are putting together a petition to recall Fifth Ward Councilmember Laura Nauser.  

The group, Columbians for Responsible Government, seeks to remove Nauser from her seat in the August election because of her support in changing the proposed route of the Columbia Transmission Line Project. 

The council voted to reopen the discussion at Nauser’s request, even though the original plan was already approved in 2013.  Nauser said that she hopes everything she has done for her ward so far will help her remain in her seat.

“I think my record will stand for itself”, Nauser said.  “I’ve been pro-growth, pro-business, supported some things that I think when people look at my name, I think that they see that I could sometimes be the one who has the sole vote because I stand up for what I believe in, even if I am the only one on the council who believes that way.  So I hope that will carry me through.”

The petitioners plan to begin collecting signatures to recall Nauser this weekend.  According to The Columbia Tribune, the residents will need 408 signatures to put the recall to a ballot vote.