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Columbia Streets Closed for Festival this Weekend

Many local downtown Columbia streets will be shut down Friday due to festival events.

By Alexandra Jones (Columbia, MO)

The ‘Roots N Blues N BBQ’ festival will be using most of 4th Street through 10th Streets starting at 9 a.m. Friday. Columbia Police Lieutenant Scott Young shares his advice for people traveling downtown this weekend.

“Well, be patient. I mean, you know you’ve got a well attended, crowded event in a small space with very limited parking and so vehicle routes in and out will be slow and congested you know. Or if you are not going to the festival you are passing through you know, things will be slow and congested,” Young said.

Signs will be posted telling drivers where they can park. Free parking for the festival will be offered in all city garages until parking spots are full. Roads will re-open on Sunday at 4 a.m.