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Columbia Water & Light Wants to Help You Save More Water

Nov 8, 2019

Columbia Water & Light is proposing new rebates to promote water conservation.

The rebates would apply to the installation of high-efficiency toilets and upgrades that help lawn sprinklers conserve more water. The toilets would need to be WaterSense-certified by the EPA to qualify for the rebate. These toilets use a little over a gallon per flush, while older toilets can use up to six gallons per flush, according to the EPA’s website.

Rebates for most residential toilets would be $75, but households with low to moderate incomes could receive a $200 rebate. Businesses that install WaterSense toilets would also qualify for a $100 rebate.

A kit with other tools to help residents conserve water is also among the proposed rebates. The kit may include a low-flow shower head, a water faucet aerator or toilet leak detection dye.

The kits would be available for free to residents with qualifying incomes. 

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