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Concealed Carry Permit Requests up in Boone County

Oct 7, 2015

Boone County authorities have requested more money to deal with the expenses of processing an increasing number of requests for concealed carry permits.

The Columbia Daily Tribune reports applications for new concealed-carry weapon permits in Boone County are on pace to top previous highs.

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So far in 2015, there have been 1,063 applications for concealed-weapon permit renewals in Boone County, surpassing the previous high of 1,035 applications processed in 2014. New concealed-weapon permit applications already total 821, a pace that could exceed the previous high of 1,017 in 2013.

The Boone County Sheriff's Department on Monday sought a budget amendment to add $108,000 to the revolving fund the department uses to account for additional revenue and expenses related to administering the concealed carry permit applications.