CPS redistricts Mill Creek Elementary area

Dec 12, 2013

Credit Brad Flickinger / Flickr

On Monday, Columbia Public Schools decided to redistrict the area around Mill Creek Elementary School, which means next year, about 100 students will be switching to either Grant, Paxton Keeley or Russell Boulevard Elementary Schools.

Mill Creek Elementary School was built to hold 700 students, but is currently at 850. A new elementary school will be finished in 2016, but until then, the Columbia Public School District needed a solution for the overcrowding.

“As many parents that are concerned about the boundary change, and that there's going to have to be a change for their child, there are just as many parents who are concerned about the fact that the class sizes and the school sizes continue to grow,” said Michelle Baumstark, community relations director for the school district.

There are concerns about how the changes will affect economic and racial diversity in the school. Baumstark said this school is already one of the most economically homogenous.

“You have to keep in mind though that the percent of free and reduced lunch students at Mill Creek is the lowest out of all of our buildings, so any change will seem more significant,” Baumstark said.

Children who will be fifth graders next year will still be able to attend Mill Creek, but the district hasn't made a decision about their siblings or whether or not those children will receive transportation to school.

You can go to columbia.k12.mo.us to enter your address and see if your child will be switching schools.