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Deadline To Sign Up For Fall Master Gardener Training Is Saturday

Aug 13, 2020

Master Gardener classes will start soon for the fall semester, and many of them will be online.

"The motto of the Master Gardener program is helping others learn to grow," said David Trinklein,  Missouri Master Gardener program coordinator for University Extension.

The Master Gardener program started in the 1970s when there was what Trinklein calls "a tremendous interest in gardening."  Oregon State University’s Extension employees were overwhelmed with requests for gardening information.

"So, their concept was, 'let's recruit some people who are knowledgable, avid gardeners, passionate about horticulture and so forth, give them a bit more training and then ask them in return to act on behalf of Oregon State University Extension, in other words, extension volunteers,'" he said.

Today there are Master Gardener programs in every state and several Canadian provinces. 

The deadline to sign up for the fall Master Gardener training is Saturday (8/15).  The cost is $200, and classes start August 23.

Master Gardener trainees are required to complete 30 hours of volunteer service within a year of completing the training.  After that, they’re required to complete 20 hours of volunteer service and six hours of continuing education a year.

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