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Discover Nature: Canada Goose Populations Peak

Dec 18, 2018

This week on Discover Nature, keep an ear, and an eye to the sky as Canada goose populations peak in Missouri.


One of our state’s best-known waterfowl species, Canada geese are common Missouri residents year-round, but migratory populations pass through in the fall as they head south for warmer winters. 

Nearly any body of water surrounded by mowed grass or large open areas will attract Canada geese as these conditions allow them to see predators coming from farther away. Leaving tall grass and vegetation around ponds will help deter them, where they’re considered a nuisance. 

Canada geese breed one brood per year in spring. Within a few days of hatching, young goslings leave the nest, walk, and swim. Canada geese find mates as early as their second year and stay together for life. Each goose can live to be at least 33-years old. 

Watch for chevrons of these large birds flying south and stopping to feed in Missouri’s wetland areas this week. 

Learn more about Canada geese and places to see them near you with the Missouri Department of Conservation’s online field guide

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