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Do you have any real friends?

Madi Lawson
Madi Lawson, left, and Jessie King, right, attended New York Fashion Week together in February 2017. They attended shows, met designers, toured several fashion and beauty publications and attempted to navigate the not-so-accessible streets of New York.

More than once, Madi has been asked if her friends-who look nothing like her-are her sister or caretaker.

In this episode, Madi and Becky take a look at the crossroads of friendship and caretakers. Madi talks to her younger roommates, Tonesha and Haley, who are still learning what it's like to have a friend with a disability, and her best friend, Jessie, who's old hat and muses about how being Madi's friend has turned her into a fierce advocate for the rights of those with disabilities.

Hosts: Madison Lawson, Rebecca Smith

Reporter: Taylor Kinnerup, Rebecca Smith

Producer: Hannah Haynes, Rebecca Smith

Editor: Ryan Famuliner

Online and Social: Nathan Lawrence

Executive Producer: Aaron Hay