Dozens in jail after Texas County drug sting

Apr 15, 2014


Credit mikecogh / Flickr

  Dozens of Texas County residents are in jail following a massive drug sting executed by Missouri law enforcement on Monday. A grand jury issued 110 indictments for 58 individuals for mostly drug related offenses. 45 people were arrested on Monday and 4 others named in the operation were already in prison, leaving nine more at large.

  Texas County Sheriff James Sigman says help from the public provides a lot of the tips needed for such a major operation.

"Just give us a tip. That's what we need. We'll work it, we'll pass it on to our drug task force. That's what leads up to the events like our drug sweep. That's how we get these people off the streets."

A number of law enforcement branches pitched in to help apprehend the suspects. Missouri Highway patrol, Houston County Sheriff's department, and a number of city police forces in Houston County contributed manpower to the operation. Sigman said the arrests had been in the works for 18 months.

Many of those arrested are charged with selling prescription drugs. Others were charged with distribution of methamphetamine or marijuana, as well as one arrest for unlawful possession of a firearm.