Dozens of new Mo. laws take effect Wednesday | KBIA

Dozens of new Mo. laws take effect Wednesday

Aug 27, 2013

Dozens of new state laws take effect in Missouri on Wednesday.  

They include one that creates new tax credits designed to lure amateur sporting events to the Show-Me State, such as NCAA Tournament basketball games and Olympic trials.

It was sponsored by Republican Senator Eric Schmitt of St. Louis County.

“It’s an opportunity for us as a state to move forward and attract these really important events that can generate a lot of revenue, not just for the state, but for those businesses, those restaurants, those bars, the hotels, that support these major events, and I think it’ll be great,” Schmitt said.

Another new law taking effect Wednesday will replace conceal carry endorsements with conceal carry permits, and transfer their oversight from the Department of Revenue to local Sheriff’s offices.

Traffic offenses committed near emergencies on Missouri highways could lead to new penalties as well.

Violations for speeding or passing within an emergency zone when responders are present would carry a $250 fine, on top of any existing penalties.

The new law creates the offense of endangerment of an emergency responder. It would include passing within an emergency zone, speeding by at least 15 mph and using a lane not marked for motorists. Fines will range from up to $1,000 if no one is hurt to $10,000 if a responder is killed.