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Ex-Lawmaker Munzlinger Appointed to Parole Board

Mar 13, 2019

Another former Missouri lawmaker has been appointed to the state Board of Probation and Parole.

Credit Missouri Senate Communications

Gov. Mike Parson says he appointed former Republican state Sen. Brian Munzlinger to the board that decides whether to grant early release to prisoners. Munzlinger served eight years as a senator until his term ended in January. The Williamstown resident previously served eight years in the House.

Munzlinger's appointment is subject to Senate confirmation.

The parole board has become a popular destination for former lawmakers. Four of its other five members also are ex-lawmakers, including Chairman Don Phillips, Martin Rucker, Gary Dusenberg and Paul Fitzwater.

Parole board members earn about $86,000 a year. Lawmakers earn about $36,000 annually.