Farm Your Yard: Knowing the Insects in Your Garden

Jun 23, 2015

As gardens are teeming with life in late June, they are more easily discovered by insects. On this week's Farm Your Yard, we learn about the role of beneficial and predatory insects in the home garden.

A make-shift tent town is used for an aphid-parasitoid experiment. On this episode of Farm Your Yard Carrie Hargrove and Kathryn Ingerslew discuss the importance of knowing your garden insects.
Credit Kathryn Ingerslew

Native plants can be welcoming waystations for beneficial garden insects. There are existing groups that have useful information online about specific native plants many of which attract beneficial insects to your garden. Websites mentioned in this installment of Farm Your Yard include the Missouri Prairie Foundation's Grow Native site. The Missouri Botanical Garden's Plant Finder is a searchable database that helps you find the right native plant for your home landscape.

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