Five former high-ranking veterans visit Truman VA Hospital

Nov 13, 2012

Five of the former highest ranking members of the U.S. Armed Forces visited veterans at the Truman VA Hospital today. The five enlisted military advisors are known as the Pinnacle Five.

The group Pinnacle Five started in 2007 to ensure that federal veteran’s policies contributed to the health, well-being and morale of the troops. With each of the Pinnacle Five being from a different military branch, the group shared some laughs on Tuesday with former veterans staying at the hospital. 

Vince Patton is the 8th Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard. He says Pinnacle Five is all about raising awareness.

“Be a voice. We now feel that we’ve taken the jobs that we did on active duty and to the civilian side to look after for our veterans as well as concerns about transitioning, people getting out of service," said Patton. "Are they well prepared for jobs?”

Based in Columbia, Veterans United Home Loans is an organization that helps veterans and their families purchase and refinance single-family homes. Veterans United is sponsoring a three-day Pinnacle Five visit in Columbia. Jack Tilley is a Pinnacle Five member, who served as the U.S. Army’s 12th Sergeant Major. He felt the organization’s reception of veterans right away.

“Veterans United is probably the most motivated, loyal company I think I’ve ever been around that wants to fully support the military veterans and they do it every day,” said Tilley.

The Pinnacle Five members will be speaking at a breakfast Wednesday to honor veterans.