Fulton Middle School Changes Principal After Student Privacy Violation

Mar 31, 2015

Credit Alberto G. / FLICKR

  Fulton Public Schools has changed the principal of Fulton Middle School after the district self-reported federal privacy law violations on Monday.

The school district confirmed Christopher Crane is no longer at the school.

The district informed the US Department of Education of the violations that occurred on March 20 when gym teachers asked students a series of identifying questions as part of an exercise called “Claim It.” During the exercise, students were asked to step forward if an identifying detail applied to them.

Some of the questions were about sensitive topics included sexual behavior, mental or psychological problems, and religion. According to federal law, these questions require a parent’s consent before a student is required to answer them.

Cowherd said the district’s legal counsel advised them to report this incident as soon as possible.

“[The legal counsel had] seen some cases go about a year, it could be next week," Cowherd said. "But, that’s why we wanted to go ahead and try to clear the air as much as we could."

The school district has begun a training process for all staff on all policies that were in violation. They have also advised teachers that any kind of survey material must have administrative review and parent consent.