Governor Nixon Vetoes Gun Bill, Missouri Lawmaker Responds

Jun 27, 2016

Credit File Photo / KBIA

Governor Jay Nixon has vetoed a wide-ranging bill that would have rendered the conceal-carry process unnecessary in Missouri. In his veto message, Nixon, a Democrat, cited his record on signing bills to expand Missourians’ rights to carry concealed weapons. 

He said the bill passed by Republicans goes too far because it would entirely toss out the conceal-carry process and would have revoked the ability of sheriffs to deny permits to those they think might be a danger to their communities. 

It also would have created a Stand Your Ground law in Missouri, under which people would no longer have a duty to retreat before using deadly force to defend themselves. 

The measure passed both chambers of the legislature with veto-proof majorities, meaning that GOP leaders will almost certainly attempt an override. 

Springfield Rep. Eric Burlison, the Republican who ushered the bill through the Missouri House, said he hopes lawmakers undo Gov. Jay Nixon's veto of the measure and try to pass the bill into law despite the Democratic governor's objections.