Here Say: Your Stories about Food, Told at the Columbia Farmer's Market

Feb 24, 2015

Here Say is a project in community storytelling. We travel to a new place each week and ask people to share true stories about things we all experience: love, family, learning, etc. To see where we've been, check out our interactive map

Kathy Love
Credit Torie Ross / KBIA

Kathy Love told us a secret ingredient in her grandmother’s recipe.


"I often make chicken and dumplings, and I like to joke that I make my grandmother’s recipe. I remember her cooking and this was back in the 1950’s and 1960’s and chicken and dumplings was one of our favorite meals as children. So my joke is that I use her recipe which calls for using canned biscuits for the dumplings. I still do that and maybe it’s not authentic, but it’s wonderful, it makes good results. I helped her make the dumplings by pulling the can apart, pulling the biscuits apart and dropping them in the hot broth. Delicious! I do have two grandchildren and yes, I’ve made chicken and dumplings for them. They’re a little too young to be helping me in the kitchen, but eventually they will and I’ll tell them my grandmother’s secret recipe."


Andrew Utterback
Credit Torie Ross / KBIA

Andrew Utterback is a chef in Columbia. He was expecting a busy night on Feb. 14th.


"Well since it’s Valentine’s Day, the busiest restaurant night of the year, I just came down to get my knives sharpened, because it’s gonna be one hell of a night. Last year was our first year open and we overbooked, and we were understaffed and very overwhelmed. It was quite a learning experience. We had people walk out on us, we had people very upset, because it is valentines day and you plan for months to have this amazing dinner out and show or movie or whatever. I have a feeling a lot of those people aren’t coming back this year."





Katy McDonald with her husband and daughter.
Credit Torie Ross / KBIA

Katy McDonald was at the market with her family. She told us about a dinner she’ll never forget.

 "One time my parents served up dinner and it looked like pulled pork sandwiches. My sister and I got halfway through, and we were 15 and 17 at the time, and my parents tell us that it’s actually pulled raccoon. We finished the sandwiches because it was delicious, then we asked if it was found on the side of the road or if it was hunted for."  

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