Here Say: Your Stories about Indulgences, Told at Central Dairy

Feb 29, 2016

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Aaron and Nora Knipmeyer
Credit Riley Beggin / KBIA

  Aaron Knipmeyer was there with his daughter Nora. He told us that he loves to bake for his family.


“I got into baking because I like to eat. That’s the whole reason. My grandma taught me a few things, she was a great cook and a great baker. I just got into it because ultimately it’s that comfort, indulgence thing. You really want something homemade, fresh out of the over. Pie, cake, rolls, whatever. Biscuits. I make pizza dough from scratch, pretty much any baked good we make from scratch. The sandwiches we had at the capitol today were on homemade bread. So, I do it for my family because it’s a nice comfort food when you’re having a rough time.

His daughter Nora shared what her favorite treat was.

“I like his pumpkin pie!”

Alleysia Hatfield
Credit Riley Beggin / KBIA

We met Alleysia Hatfield, who said that her favorite indulgence is playing with her stuffed animals.

“When I play with my stuffed animals, I always let them do whatever they want. I always let them go to school. And they’re not very good in school, they always fall down.”

Danny Richardson
Credit Riley Beggin / KBIA

  Danny Richardson told us about how he treats himself by hitting the open road.

“I’ve always liked the hot rod cars, even back in the 50s and the muscle car era. Finally at the age of 60 years old, I got my first Corvette. And it’s a high-powered Corvette, one of the best ones they got. Z06, it’s called. And they cost about $80,000. And then nine years later they came out with a brand new Corvette, 2015, ZO6. And I had to buy one more because they were so awesome. So that’s my story of hot rodding, I’m 71 years old and I still love to burn rubber and go fast.”

We met Debora Biggs, whose simple indulgence is some quality quiet time.

Debora Biggs
Credit Riley Beggin / KBIA

“I think my indulgence is just having quiet time for myself. Whether it’s sitting in a hot tub or just sitting at home reading. I love being around my family but those quiet times are really important too. So that’s always an indulgence for me.”

Jack Davenport
Credit Riley Beggin / KBIA

  We met Jack Davenport, who told us about how a treat helped him after a wrestling defeat.

“It was the regional wrestling tournament for 2015, and I really wanted to get to state that year. I was down by one point in the second to third period, and I tried to get around him and he got me in a position and the time ran out. I was really, really angry with myself because I really wanted to get there. So I just went to a place and I got some ice cream. It felt really good getting ice cream but I was still kind of angry with myself because I didn’t get to go to the state tournament.”

Stephen Heyboer
Credit Riley Beggin / KBIA

  Stephen Heyboer told us about a time he treated himself to two of his favorite indulgences.

“I work a lot and so I build up a lot of stress. So a lot of times I’ll go running. Lots of times I’ll go running and I don’t really eat anything before. One specific time I remember I didn’t eat anything and it was like 2 p.m. I went running and I think I ran like 10 miles. And ended up maybe contradicting everything I just did but I went to Taco Bell and spent about $15 at Taco Bell and ate every bit of it. $15 at Taco Bell pretty much gives you a feast.”