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How corporate money influences politics

Sep 23, 2013

Next week, film fans will make their way to Columbia to attend the Citizen Jane Film Festival. The annual event, which takes place this year from Oct. 4th through the 6th, features the work of female filmmakers. 

One of the filmmakers attending this year will be Tia Lessin. Her documentary, Citizen Koch, tracks the influence of money in contemporary politics. The film starts with the Citizens United Supreme Court decision of 2010, which removed certain restrictions on corporate political donations. The film then moves on to the recent political showdown in Wisconsin, shortly after Governor Scott Walker pushed a string of conservative reforms, such as curbing collective bargaining rights for public workers. 

This week on Intersection, we’ll talk to the co-director of Citizen Koch and others about the issues her film brings up. The rules surrounding money in politics, the influence that money has, and and what it all means for our democracy.  


Tia Lessin, co-director, Citizen Koch

Paula Elias, co-director, Citizen Jane Film Festival

Richard Reuben, James Lewis Parks Professor of Law, MU School of Law

Denise Lieberman, senior attorney, Advancement Project